Stair Types

closed string staircases
Closed String

The strings are the diagonal components into which the treads and risers are housed. On this type the edges are parallel, the balustrade is fitted on top using spindles of the same height.

cut string staircases
Cut String

In this case the strings are cut to the profile of the treads and risers. On traditional stairs the spindles are held in by a return nosing, on contemporary ones they fit directly into the tread and are of different heights.

open riser stairs
Open Riser

The strings can be closed or cut, the riser is omitted. To comply with Building Regulations the gap can be closed with a half riser, glass, dowel or metal rod.

geometrical staircase from Higginson Staircases

The strings can be closed or cut, curved on plan a geometrical stair does not have the same angle throughout the flight. The strings on a helical stair are usually parallel around a helix.

spiral staircase from Higginson staircases

Typically has no string, the treads are cantilevered from a centre column. Purpose made for us in Italy go to

alternating tread staircase design
Alternating Tread

The treads are shaped like a paddle, the going is measured over 2 steps making the pitch is steeper. Can only be used in a loft conversion when space is not available for a conventional stair.

stair carcass

This type of stair is used when the stair will be clad with another material for example pre- finished flooring.  It can be a closed or a cut string as shown. Due to movement in timber we do not recommend using ceramics.